Why is Morocco an ideal destination?

22 June 2014
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22 June 2014, Comments: 0

Why is Morocco an ideal destination?



You’ve heard about Morocco a little but you don’t know what are the best reasons to go and spend your holidays there? In this case it will be our pleasure to give you a tour!

Morocco, a very close yet exotic destination

Located South of Gibraltar, Morocco is literally next door to Europe and to the UK. Indeed crossing the Mediterranean sea will take you a lot less time than going to the other side of the world, yet this experience will be just as enriching! When thinking about Morocco, people often think about its famous cities such as Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh, however it would be a mistake to overlook its magnificent landscapes and its picturesque little villages.

Regarding its natural beauty, Morocco has an extremely wide diversity of landscapes as once there you will be able to enjoy the sea, the Sahara desert and mountains. Morocco’s climate makes it an ideal destination no matter when you decide to visit, whether you would like to admire moonlit dunes or the flowery desert after rainfall, or if you would like to see the snowy Atlas Mountains. Or on the contrary if you just want to enjoy the beach, whichever you prefer, there’s always something to do in Morocco!

Apart from its gorgeous scenery, one of the major advantages in Morocco is the easy communication with the local population. English is of course widely spoken, just as other international languages such as French, etc. But more importantly what makes communication easy is the openness of Moroccan people, which are friendly and always happy to share their History and culture. If you’re looking for information about the best places to visit you can always count on the tips and advices from locals, which you wouldn’t find in travel guides.

Moroccan cuisine, truly delicious!

Morocco will not only be a delight for your eyes, but also for your taste buds. Apart from great sceneries your hosts will be happy to help you discover the variety of the local cuisine, which is much wider than what is often assumed. If you visit the country during festivals you will also be able to try out the delicious dishes prepared for these occasions, such as Iftar meals during Ramadan or traditional Eid recipes after. At other times you will also be able to find out about nuances between different cuisines, depending if you’re on the coast or in Berber villages near the Atlas Mountains. In any case you can count on the generosity and on the kindness of your Moroccan hosts to discover local specialities!

Describing Morocco in details would take hours, but to conclude for now this destination is ideal if you’re looking for a mix between nature, History, culture and great food. Also your surroundings will be relaxing and can offer comfort and modernity at a reasonable price, which guarantees you will remember your holidays for a lifetime!

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